The BigCommerce 360 virtual summit is on! Here’s what you need to know

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In this blog, we’ll be taking a look at what you can expect from BigCommerce’s 360 virtual summit event. 

If you’re looking for a way to connect with eCommerce leaders and explore the latest insights on how technology can help your business grow, then look no further than the eCommerce 360 Virtual Summit. 

The interactive event will be showcasing presentations from hand-selected partners provided in an easy format.

The competition to capture shoppers’ attention will only increase with time; consumers are searching high and low before they make a purchase decision these days – it’s all about meeting customer expectations!

We call this new era “Customer Centred Commerce (CCC)” because there can be no more important aspect than satisfying your customers’.

At the BigCommerce 360 virtual summit, we expect to hear about the latest trends when it comes to CCC and how businesses have adapted to cater to a wiser online audience. 

The event will feature sessions all about identifying threats and boosting opportunities so you can grow your online business. 

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Experts in the field will share insight with tons of helpful tips to help make it easier for businesses to understand and cater to their audiences.

BigCommerce is focused on making presentations as digestible as possible and as such, have decided to keep the Summit’s videos ‘on demand’ so that businesses can watch them in their own time over the course of the three-day summit. 

BigCommerce will be releasing new content on Day 2 and all the content will be live for viewing on Day 3.

BigCommerce has also created a space for businesses to network and connect with speakers and community members from the summit. This is an opportunity to ask questions directly and mingle! 

At Ogg, we’re also happy to announce our involvement in the event with our CEO Simon Ede putting together a special presentation. 

Simon will be discussing how to make sure your tech stack works for your business and your customers. 

When evaluating your tech stack  there are a few things that stand out as clear signs that your stack isn’t serving your business  well:

  • Poor and fragmented integration – Disparate systems that struggle to work together to give you a clear picture of your business
  • No real time data – Making important decisions based on guesswork, producing forecasts without information on a real-time basis.
  • Employees struggling to use systems –  Employees are creating their own tracking systems on spreadsheets and Word documents and emailing them around.

Simon will be discussing how to identify these issues and how to resolve them, to ensure your tech stack is serving your business and your customers. 

To sign up for the BigCommerce 360 virtual summit click here

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