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NetSuite’s long-awaited product release is almost here, and it’s a big one. NetSuite 2019 Release 2 (NetSuite 2019.2) delivers significant business impact, introducing everything from powerful new financial capabilities and refined human capital management processes to in-depth analytics and an expanded set of dev tools.

Introducing new human capital management capabilities

This release brings with it a host of new human capital management capabilities and improved dashboard components which will enable HR decision-makers to understand employee tenure and employment history by viewing key milestones and timelines.

In addition, HR teams will gain flexibility in managing hourly time-off accruals, including audit trails for how accruals are earned.

NetSuite mobile overhaul

NetSuite mobile enables users to stay connected, especially when travelling. iPhone users can now capture time and expense offline. Once connected, the app will sync all the information captured.

The updated and simplified user interface streamlines the entire interaction experience meaning no-one will get lost in endless tabs.

To top it all off a dashboard call log enables the tracking of incoming and outgoing business calls.

Upgraded analytics

SuiteAnalytics revolves around actionable data, and the new user interface brings those insights to the entire NetSuite environment. SuiteAnalytics can be used to leverage analytics anywhere within the platform.

What this update means for your industry

NetSuite 2019.2 aims to address a wide array of problems for businesses across industries.

For wholesale distributors and manufacturers, this release includes a new warehouse management solution that aims to increase productivity with a flexible wave release process, paperless picking and an intuitive mobile interface.

Other enhancements for wholesale distributors and manufacturers:

  • Supply allocation that optimises the usage of current and future inventory assets for customer orders.
  • The Supply Chain Control Tower, which provides visibility and enables users to avoid problems in their supply chain.

For retailers, NetSuite 2019.2 offers merchandise attributes which enable them to view product performance based on different classifications (i.e. brand, collection).

For software and services businesses, NetSuite 2019.2 offers simplified project budgeting, powerful new resource management and improved reporting.

Simon’s NetSuite 2019.2 checklist

To help you get ready for this next update Ogg Founder Simon Ede has prepared some tips:

The first thing I normally do is check the actual date the upgrade will occur.

You can do this by going to your home page and selecting “Personalize” and adding in the new release portlet as per below. I’ll then add a reminder into my calendar.

With every new release version of NetSuite, you get access to a free “Beta Account” which is similar to a Sandbox account where there’s a snapshot of your production with the new version running.

You can log in into the Beta on the top right of your screen by changing roles.

If you don’t have the RP you may need to request this from NetSuite, we can help you with this process.

After reading the release notes I normally log into the Beta account and perform some checks by completing the normal daily activities.

I’ve been through around 30 upgrades with NetSuite and this area has generally not caused any issues.

Integrations are the number one area you’ll need to spend time on as API’s or any heavy custom scripts are likely to be impacted if there’s a major change.

The good news is if you’re an existing customer we help test any potential impact. Our team has built out a number of checks around the process to ensure you can continue to run your business smoothly.

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