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Aircall allows you to create numbers in 100+ countries and begin onboarding teammates from multiple departments by the end of the day. You can automatically sync call details to your CRM and Helpdesk to save time and avoid switching back and forth between systems. You’ll be able to review call recordings; check the history of each account, lead, or contact; and see the full context around every conversation.

Aircall Feature Overview: 

  • Phone System – Users can Assign everyone on the team a personalised three-digit extension their colleagues can quickly dial. users can also eliminate spam callers and bots so your company can focus more on the conversations your business cares about.
  • Collaboration – Users can create and share selected contacts with their team so everyone can follow the conversation. Users can also give their teammates the option to quickly speak to one another before transferring a live call.
  • Productivity – Users get incoming call alerts sent to their screen and can start the conversation by clicking the banner.

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